The Money Run

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What is The Money Run?

A crime thriller novel set during the Viet Nam War.

Okinawa, 1971. The U.S. military payroll totals over $20 million. Twice a month, one helicopter is responsible for delivering the payroll, distributed in small, unmarked bills, among the bases.

That helicopter flight is called The Money Run. And someone is planning to rob it.



Advance Reviews for The Money Run

Richard Steele of Sacramento invested 27 years as a Marine, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. During that duty, he was a combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam, so he has the cred for his thriller-mystery “The Money Run” (P.R. Steele, $15, 282 pages), based partly on his own experiences. The time: 1971. Jack Higgins, a vengeance-minded Marine pilot, and his buddies are poised to heist a $20 million military payroll in Okinawa, when Higgins’ unexpected love for a woman could change everything. –  Allen Pierleoni, Sacramento Bee

Author P.R. Steele weaves a tale of action, suspense, danger, and intrigue creating one of the most unique and interesting stories ever told…The Money Run is right on target. – Steve Natale, /


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  1. Richard,
    Congratulations…….Very cool cover….Looking forwarding to reading the book..
    ….Jon Hawkins

  2. I’ve read the book and I love how the author helps transport us back into this war and into the very close relationships of the characters. I’d love to see photos of the guys from back in the day…

    1. Fascinating book. I loved the twists and anticipation of events from chapter to chapter. Well done, Richard!

  3. Been a couple of years since I sat down and read a book – good flow and content – worth reading to the end

  4. Thrilling! It’s not too often that you read a book where you can visualize each setting this easily. P.R. Steele does a brilliant job of helping you get to know each participant in this clever and well planned caper. I know that one day, I’ll see this on the big screen. Can’t wait!!!

  5. A great read! The book captured your interest from page one and continued to build till the exciting end!
    Mr. Steele captures the feeling and emotions of the time in America and the military when things were at an all time low . However he brings excitement, mystery, romance and danger with a bit of fun and laughter to a time when cell phones, GPS, and computers didn’t control our lives. Look forward to the big screen!

  6. Richard – your book is an excellent read. And, yes I did finish it, even though I had to print it out. Kept me laughing. Happy to see it in print.

  7. I am not normally one to read books about the military but once I started reading The Money Run I could not put it down. I was hooked in chapter 1. The characters are engaging, not only with each other but with the reader. You become attached to them and their pain, frustrations, joys, and love interests. The antagonists are just that– you want to see them get their just do. The book is full of challenges, unexpected turns, intrigue and humor. I think this book would make a great movie. Well done– well worth the read.

  8. Outstanding book Richard. Once I got started, couldn’t put it down. Congratulations!

    Rick McCarter

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