The Money Run: Characters Then and Now

The Money Run Book

C. Pogany now (left in the white shirt)

In chapter one you are introduced to Pogy, or C. Pogany. Pog always goes by Pogy or Pog. Most everyone reading pronounces it as Pawgh. But think of Home Depot. The last part of Depot is Po, and the gany rhymes with Danny or Po Ganny and you got it. Now shorten it and you’ll get Pog. The “o” is pronounced as . . . OH. I hope you get it. BTW don’t ever call him Charles. He hates it. Oops did I let that slip?  Sorry Pog.

I met Pog in 1971, at HMH-463 at Marble Mountain. He was running around unshaven which shocked me the FNG. Every Marine there was clean shaven—except Pog. He proudly displayed a no shaving chit, and flouted the overgrowth with a huge smirk.

Pog then

C. Pogany then

We became close, I remember him taking C Rations (c rats) from grunts, but only the turkey meal. It contained my favorite—canned pears. With his “John Wayne” can opener, he’d perforate the lid. Turn it upside down, and put it on my mouth. Purposely letting the juice run all over my face, he’d open the top part, and that would begin my breakfast.  This is the good part—with greasy gloves he’d extract the pears and hand feed them to me. All the while . . . we were flying. What a breakfast.

As in The Money Run, we transferred to HMH-462 on Okinawa. Where we finished out our one year unaccompanied tour. At least one of us did. (More on that later in the sequels.)

When he returned to the world (the US of A) he went to work for Sikorsky Aircraft and retired in 2013.

Okay, if you have any question for Pog, email me and I’ll forward them. Knowing him . . . he might or might not answer them. The pictures still make me grin.


The next blog entry will feature Schutt…He’s pictured above with Pog. He’s the guy in the blue shirt. And below as he was then…


Schutt then…

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